Northmen News · Friday Night Football

With Football games returning this week for Petoskey High School, we have some information that must go out and be followed. This will not be a normal season, we will have protocols in place that keep us in compliance with the newest Emergency Orders issued by the state and guidance set out by the MHSAA.

One thing to keep in mind, as of a couple weeks ago, we did not have football. Many of us would have done whatever it takes for the season to come back. It has, now we must do what it takes to keep the season going and for us to continue into the winter.

Major points:

Everyone must be masked up for the entire event, no exceptions.
Social distancing needs to be followed between families, rows marked with and X are to remain open.
We must keep total numbers under 500. This number is reached fast. Extra public tickets are not available.
Players’ families will be issued 3 passes that will need to be shown for entrance to home games. (and away) The players will bring these home. This pass allows you to purchase a ticket for the game. $5. You will need to give your name and the athlete you are there to watch. This helps with any contact tracing that might need to be done.
Sitting along the stadium fence is not allowed.
Games can be watched on the NFHS network @ – search for Petoskey High School- there is a monthly cost of $10.99 that can be cancelled anytime.
The game is also on the Radio on 1340am or 104.7FM
There will be no student section, children brought to the game as one of the three player tickets must sit with the family throughout the game.
No concessions at this time.
No one is allowed down on the track before, during or after the game.
Players can be picked up or met after the game at their parents’ car..

Everyone is excited for Friday night. It won’t be the same as last year but it will be a good experience for the student/athletes. Please keep that in mind when attending or supporting our athletes in these strange times.