Northmen News · Indoor Winter Sports still on Pause until Jan 15th

All indoor winter sports are still on pause until January 15th. The hope is that we will be able to restart practices and competitions in the weeks that follow the 15th. As we prepare for this restart, student/athletes need to make sure they are getting their school work done. Online learning is different but it is not an excuse for not doing their best. Grades will count, so all student/athletes will still follow the Petoskey Athletic Handbook. Students can not have an E in a class or more than 2 D’s.

Student/Athletes should also be working on staying in shape so our return goes smoothly and we can avoid injuries. Reach out to your coaches and see what they want you doing so you are ready for the return.

Schedules online will be changed as we get more information.

Reminders, the MHSAA and Health Department have rules we will have to follow to compete.
1. No spectators to start, just like in the fall. Not sure if this will change. Games in the main gym will be on NFHS network.
2. Masks must be worn at all times. Have a few to rotate if needed.
3. Check in each day at practice so coaches have information for each athlete.
4. Bring own water bottles.

Lets hope this is the last pause and we are all back representing Petoskey High School soon.

Go Northmen!